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God is great beer is good & people are crazy ♡
I'm Jade Alyssa Sholds
+::*&$$$,$ingle livin',Virginia,Sports,FamILY,real friends, babies, hedgehogs, Navy Sailor, fruits&veggies, running, soccer, country music, Yankee Candle, Boston, Red Sox, Navy Wife status,being in love, Friends, VT, summa lovinnn', Funny movies, Hampton, sweeet kissses & tanned skinnns, poool days, Big Time Rush, Southern Hospitality, laughing and smiling, victoria secret, little things in life, doggies, kitties, tickle fights, fun/hot/breath taking sex, Madea, days w. my daddy. lovin' life the way lifes supposed to be, reckless without any regrets with the people you love the most. ♥


You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have
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